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Apple Bytes 8/2007

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Wow, a quiet month…

After a hectic month like June, we need a little rest. After all the hype and hulla-baloo, a vacation was in order. We have had several weeks to digest the iPhone now and it looks like just another successful Apple product launch. Lots of speculation, but that’s what makes the Merry Go Round go around and listen to the cash register ding and ding and ding. If A.T.&T had done a better job of preparing and listening to Stevie and company, it might have been a little smoother. The saddest words etc…

Any-way the iPhone is here to stay and it works pretty well. Wall Street likes the results. Well done Apple.

Both Stan and Randy have been a little quite since the advent of the iPhone. David Pogue admits he needs one. Dvorak admits the Mac may be for real after all. The sales numbers continue to climb. We don’t hear much about the “Death Knell” as of late. It appears that we all made the right choice some years ago. Now we can say “I told you so”. The war may not be over but we are gaining ground.

Leopard seems to be coming along since the hype and hoopla have slowed down. Apple can once again concentrate on the forth-coming software release that we are patiently waiting for.

That’s it for now…


SLMUG Minutes 7-5-07

Ed Matlock reported that MacWorld reviewed Reunion 9 and gave it 5 mice! He continued his review of the program by showing the various charts: Pedigree, Fan, Descendant, Relative and Time Line. The program has a tutorial and extensive help (shortcuts, technical support, upgrading and new features) Version 9 and many new charts. Reunion has an excellent interface and is color-coded for parent, children, etc. You can include pictures in your charts by clicking on the Multimedia icon in the menu bar (Pedigree chart), select the picture desired and insert.

Ed has 3012 people in his family tree so far and goes back to William Matlock (1531). The direct line is in bold.

Personal Ancestry Writer II is a free program with a 4 mice rating and is on the DOM. He demonstrated it by importing info from his Reunion 9 program. Same info but as elegantly displayed. It has pretty good help files and has both OS 9 and OS X versions. He went through its various features which are similar to Reunion but not as sophisticated. The program info can be imported into Reunion 9 when you purchase it. Thanks Ed for a good demo of both programs.

Ed then reviewed the contents of this month’s DOM. Included are the following: 10.4.10 updater combo for both Intel and PPC machines; Audio Update which fixes the “pop” problem; MacBook Pro software update; Data Backup 3.0.1 (ProSoft Engineering); iTunes 7.3; NtiT (a name-that- tune in iTunes); Perian which allows you to run Quick Time; PAWriter for OS 9 and OS X; Reunion 9; Updates for Safari, Superdrive; security updates for Panther, Tiger and Universal; Thunderbird; Tinker Tool 3.7.2 (allows you to change system stuff); and OnyX. Thanks Ed for another great DOM!

It was noted that there is a neat program called “Jax” developed by Joesoft (joesoft.com), Software for the “Average Joe” “where real life meets digital life.” For $49.95 you can get much more out of iTunes, iPod, Apple TV and the iPhone.

Also, check out “apple quick tip of the week” which comes as a podcast on iTunes. This week it is tip #26. (tauw.com). The podcasts give shortcuts and techniques to help you and your business get the most out of Mac OS X, iWork and other Apple products.

The July 19th SIG is cancelled. July marks the 25th anniversary of our club. August 2 will be our next regular meeting. It was voted to give Paul (security person for the district) $50 gift for all of his service to our club.

We departed for the board meeting at Bakers Square.

Dayle Scott, Secretary


August 2nd meeting features…
We are still waiting for an iPhone to appear at the meeting. It would be nice to see one up close and personal and working. Perhaps Terry will bring his personal gift from Stevie to demo at a meeting. Ed will have his normal report about the C-DOM. The August meetings are on schedule. Deborah will be back for the SIG and Bob will have a Hawaii report in September.


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