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Minutes 7/1/2004

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Prior to the meeting more cleaning was accomplished in the refurbished Shop 7 Lab.

The meeting concentrated on the review of several popular programs that many members use and like. However, many of us do not take advantage of the full capabilities of the programs.

Bob Shayler showed off the power of Sherlock. He encouraged us to explore each of the icons in the Toolbar of Sherlock: Channels, Internet, Pictures, Stocks, Movies, Phone Book, eBay, Flights, Dictionary, Translation, and Apple Care. He clicked on Channels, then on Other Channels and a series of sites were downloaded to the Mac. He selected APOD which is a viewer of pictures and data of NASA’s Astronomy Pictures of the day (and past days). Wow! Also in the Other Channels is Gutenberg where you can search for free online electronic books, via Project Gutenberg. There are an additional 27 sites to explore in the Other Channels. Bob took us back to the Channel Menu and clicked on Movies where one can find when and where movies are playing in your area and watch a trailer. A great site.

Bob pointed out the recently installed Airport Extreme on the wall. He also encouraged all members to set up a 2nd admin account pointing out the value of and the process for doing it.

There was discussion about enabling the root account and how to do it. However, the last word was that most of us ought not go there!

Ed Matlock reviewed the July DOM CD.

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