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Minutes 9/2/2004

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Bob Shayler called the meeting to order.

John Mitchell lifted up the help user group members provide one another via email and in person. Many examples were given. “need help, have a question? Just ask and you will receive help and numerous answers.” The dialogue on our Yahoo site demonstrates the willingness to be helpful to one another.

Stan Kline shared info about the latest updates, Apple, Apple related, etc. He mentioned the Seti program (www.seti.org) and explained how it works. Recently, secured data came from the same location in space. Millions of computers world wide are running Seti packets. Check out seti.org to get the latest info.
Stan mentioned newscience.com as an interesting site.

2.5GHz chips are coming for the G5s. Highly optimistic projections for the POWER5-based PowerPC 975 appear to be holding steady, with initial 3GHz silicon expected in the next few weeks, and if the production ramp-up comes off without a hitch, Apple should have no trouble shipping Dual 3GHz 975-based PowerMacs by early September.

The 10.3.6 update is coming. The key enhancements: AirPort 4.1 Software improves stability and performance of the AirPort Express and iTunes; iTunes 4.7 featuring “iDJ” remix and broadcast (Requires AirPort Express); Improvements to USB, FireWire, and Quartz Extreme; iSync 1.5 includes support for the latest Bluetooth enabled cell phones and supports wireless iTunes sharing with new Motorola phones; Updated Terminal Application; Expose Professional now caters to the power user, offering 8 separate virtual desktop workstations at the touch of a key; CoreVideo for Panther; Safari 1.4 features search-anywhere technology; Previous stand alone security updates.

Good things are being said about the new iMac G5. Apple says its iMac G5 is fully user-serviceable. “It is the worlds thinnest desktop computer. Apple says that the iMac G5 was designed to make it easy for users to install replacement parts if they need to. A list of parts tht can be installed by the user includes the LCD display, power supply, optical drive, hard drive, memory, AirPort Extreme card, and modem card. Apple also says that users will be able to service the mid-plane assembly, which contains the main logic board, the G5 processor and fans (wow). The iMac G5 has four built-in diagnostic LEDs on the main logic board that can help users to troubleshoot their computer. If you buy a iMac G5, be sure and get into Bluetooth and have a wireless keyboard and mouse.

Symantec is providing a new bootable CD for Norton Utilities/System Works. Stan advises against installing Norton on the hard drive.

Microsoft is getting into the music business: MSN Music. The MP3 and WAV files work on the iPod. Apple claims that MSN Music service is “missing many features” as well as including advertising. iTunes Music Store is by far the No. 1 service! There will likely be third party folk developing tools to allow tunes to be played on the various iPod like units.

Apple is banking on the open-source heritage of Mac OS X Tiger to spare it from the security problems that have plgued Microsoft. Open-source allows a lot of real world testing.

Philadelphia Wi-Fi: for about $10 million, city officials believe they can turn all 135 square miles of Philadelphia into the world’s largest wireless Internet hot spot.

It has been reported that Virex 7.5 has a bug. Ed said that a work around is as follows. Go to Virex preferences and click on “notify” then click on don’t want “clean” and that should solve the problem.

Deborah Reinerio is the faculty advisor for the Graphics Lab (our meeting location). Bob introduced Deborah to the club. She is the tech support for the lab. She has cloned all the machines in the lab. She reported that she teaches 2 graphics classes in the am and another teacher has 2 classes in the afternoon. She expressed appreciation to SLMUG for all its work in making the lab a great place. The lab is becoming self sufficient and thereby free of network breakdowns. Deborah is the co.signature for SLMUG using the lab.

Ed Matlock referred to our club web site. John’s daughter Jenny has been using Dreamweaver to set up and update the site. Ed has been assisting in the process. She has set up a key for Ed to update current pages and areas.

Ed demonstrated a new program called “Contribute 3” which allows one to work the web site without html knowledge. It has a 15 minute learning curve. The club voted to buy a copy of Contribute 3. The consensus opinion was that we develop a members only section on the web site for sharing in house stuff.

Ed ran the August Breens Bungalow slideshow (on the DOM CD) on synchronization and the use of iSync,

Ed reviewed some of the other programs on the DOM CD, such as “LittleSnitch”.

Dayle Scott, secretary

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