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Minutes 2/3/2005

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President Bob Shayler introduced our presenter, Terry Higgins, who then demonstrated the new iWorks. Terry is the Keyholder/Business Consultant at the Stoneridge Mall Apple Store in Pleasanton.

iWorks needs 10.3.6 or later to work. The two programs in iWorks are Pages, the new and exciting successor to AppleWorks, and Keynote 2. Terry demonstrated the use of Keynote 2. Keynote 2 gives you everything you need to create cinematic presentations, interactive slideshows, storyboards and more. New Apple-designed themes make every slide look fabulous. A more streamlined toolbar provides access to advanced features, including a host of new animation effects, advanced builds, and transitions. Even adding iLife media (iPhoto, iMovie, iTunes) and live web content is a snap. Terry demonstrated these features. One can even see the speaker notes while making the presentation. There are links to the webpage, slides, email message and another Keynote file. Keynote 2 is compatible to many file types so that you can share your file with non-Mac friends.

Pages has 40 different templates. You can combine Pages with iLife media content. There is an iWork Tour built into the Help menu. Terry tested exporting a Pages document to Word … a successful export! There is an educator’s price for iLife and iWork of $39 each. Included are the manuals for Pages and iWork.

Thanks, Terry, for a helpful demonstration of the new iWork elements.

Ed Matlock went over the content of this month’s DOM. The DOM includes the 1984 QuickTime movie of Mac Intro, a variety of updates, freeware, shareware and Virex virus for February. Thanks, Ed, for bringing us the latest software resources each month.

John Mitchell talked about the latest Mac OS updater on new machines. “Be sure and keep your ‘restore disks’ and ‘hardware test disk’ that came with your machine. You might need them.” Alsoft is on R-36 update of Disk Warrior 6.0.2. It costs $12 for the update.

Esteban Zapiain shared his experience getting files off a dead drive using ComboDock ($149). Check it out at www.Wiebetech.com/home.php.

Randy Madrid advised us to archive to DVDs or CDs and to backup to a second HD.

We then adjourned to our Board Meeting which was held at Baker Square.

Dayle Scott, Secretary

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