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Minutes 4/7/2005

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Three visitors were introduced: Sharon, Naomi, and Ken … Welcome!

Ed Matlock shared a handout “Notes and Tips” from MacInTouch. It spelled out Migration issues involved in moving to “Tiger”, Mac OS X 10.4. Minimal requirements to install “Tiger”: G3, G4, or G5 processor; Built-in Firewire; DVD drive; a fast graphics card; 256 MB RAM; 3 GB free disk space. Ed has preordered “Tiger” via Amazon.com. Macs manufactured after the April 29th release date of “Tiger” will have it installed. In stock machines with “Panther” will likely have a modest fee for updating to Tiger.

It was noted that Apple has moved from MMBA credit cards to the Juniper Credit Card. One can pay off purchase in 90 days as if cash.

Bob Shayler shared a handout from Stan Kline, a pro tip of the week from Apple about “Sidebar Printing.” In the Print & Fax preferences, click on Set Up Printers, and when the Printer List dialog appears, click on the printer you want as a Desktop Printer, and then press Shift-Command-D. Once you create a Desktop Printer, you can make things convenient by clicking on the Desktop Printer and pressing Command-T, which adds this Desktop Printer to your Sidebar, so now you can drag-and-drop from your current window right onto the printer in the Sidebar. So, now you can drag a document to the printer in the Sidebar, Desktop, or Dock and it will print. (Look for a new Scott Kelby Mac OS X tips every Wednesday on the Apple Pro site). Bob found Scott Kelby’s book MacOS X Killer Tips at Barnes and Noble (I found it at Amazon.com for $19.79 … for Tiger).

Bob then tuned us in on online radio. We listened to several radio stations on the Mac. Using Google we zeroed in on “internet radio stations” and clicked on radio- locator. radio-locator allows you to check out a comprehensive listing of radio stations around the world, those with web pages. Two other sources of stations are Radiotower.com and Shoutcast.com Different applications are needed to play the sounds (music, talk). Bob loaded a number of stations. iTunes will save the radio station when you play one. He will send an email withal the different lists to organize stations.

Check out Sogudi to develop shortcuts in typing in URLs. Bob demonstrated the program … neat! (http://www.kitzkikz.com/Sogudi)

Dogpile.com “all the best search engines piled into one” for searching web pages, images, audio, video, news, etc. Try it. Google now provides maps and satellite

The winners of the drawing were Anna, Ken, and Sharon.

Ed reviewed the contents of this month’s DOM. The CD still contains some OS 9 files, updates included. Circus Ponies Notebook is a powerful note taking and organizing program. Cocktail is a general-purpose utility for Mac OS X. Firefox is a redesign of the Mozilla browser. FontFinagler is a $10 shareware program (Bob described its use in dealing with font problems … cleans the font cache. In using the program the login time reduced from 3 1/2 minutes to 45 seconds). IPhoto Diet is a freeware Applescript Studio application for use with iPhoto. The CD includes a newer version of Mac the Ripper, Office 2004 updater, Patch Burn that burns unsupported DVDs, the latest Virex files, Viewscan which works with unsupported scanners, as well as other programs. Thanks Ed!

The board meeting followed at Bakers Square … good food, great fellowship.

Dayle Scott, Secretary

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