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Minutes 5/5/2005

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Bob Shayler shared his experience in installing Tiger (Mac OS X v10.4). He used Disk Warrior and repair permissions in Disk Utilities (of course!) prior to and following the installation of Tiger. Bob did an “upgrade” install. It is a good idea to disconnect all firewire attachments prior to installing. [In the Newsletter, Stan describes in Kline’s Korner installing Tiger via “Archive and Install” and indicated no problems with the process.] Bob stated that he had no problem in opening the newsletter within Safari rather than via Adobe Reader. In Foxfire the newsletter opened via Preview.

Bob and John Mitchell announced that ProSoft is still in process of updating for Tiger and will demo the update at our June meeting.

Drive Genius is a new program which delivers excellent maintenance and management tools that let you optimize, repair, and rebuild your hard drives. Disk Warrior 3.0.3 is to be available next week. You will need it to work with Tiger. Cocktail has been updated to 3.6.1 for Tiger.

There are 200 new features in Tiger, 11 visible to us. Bob talked about and demo’d Dashboard. Dashboard is configurable in “System Preferences/Personal/Dashboard&Expose.” Dashboard Widgets can be downloaded via Apple at http://www.apple.com/downloads/macosx/dashboard. RSS is available. The site has over 225 widgets so far with most, if not all, freeware. The downloaded widgets are placed in /username/Library/Widgets, whereas the built-in widgets go into /Library/Widgets. To delete widgets you delete the widget file, which then requires log out, and log in to clear the widget from Dashboard. The widgets connect via internet (live links). Bob demo’s several widgets, including Yahoo’s Local Traffic … neat!

Bob then demo’d Spotlight. (It takes a bit of time to index files upon first installation). You can add plug-ins to enhance spotlight. To do so, go to http://apple.com/downloads/macosx/spotlight [page no longer exists ~mario]. RSS is available. One plug-in is a demo of Delicious Library. It can catalog your books, music, videos, etc. via iSight that reads the bar codes.

We were alerted to https://www.takecontrolbooks.com. $20 for the bundle of 4 ebooks: Take Control of Upgrading to Tiger, … Customizing Tiger, … Users & Accounts in Tiger, … Sharing Files in Tiger.

There was further discussion of ways to install Tiger. Bob indicated that he used ProSoft Data Backup and did the “upgrade”. Bob downloaded Cocktail 3.6.1 and ran it. (A good idea to run it after any installation of software.)

The board meeting followed as usual.

Dayle Scott, Secretary.

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