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Minutes 11/3/2005

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John Mitchell shared visually the inside of the computer and told of capacitor failure problem in an iMac G5. The failure is identified by the growth and oozing. Wow! (Hope your Mac doesn’t develop the problem!)

Ed Matlock shared information about MacWorld’s Gems (see November issue). Ed called attention to AppendNote 1.0 free from Enigmarelle Development. AppendNote is a Mac OS X system service which takes selected text (in any service-supporting application: Safari, Mail, TextEdit, and others) and saves it to a text file on your hard drive. Like copy and pasting to the clipboard but in file format. Ed demonstrated the program. There are not a lot of features … text only. Create a services folder within the Library: System, Library, Services. The text file is in User Folder. It can be on the Desktop or Dock. AppendNote comes with AppleScript so you can do some customizing. AppendNote is on tonight’s DOM

Ed then enumerated the contents of the DOM. Eudora Mailbox Cleaner; Firefox 1.5 (still a beta but solid); iTunes 6.0.1; Mactracker 4.0.1; Office 2004 update; Onyx (cocktail type of program); QuickTime 7.0.1 Reinstaller (etc.);Safari Enhancer; new Thunderbird; and Virex definitions.

Ed requested that if anyone comes across a program that could be included on a future DOM to let him know.

The meeting was over early.

Dayle Scott

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