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Minutes 1/5/2006

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John Mitchell shared his comments about the recent Bill Gates presentation at Las Vegas. He also indicated that Central Computer had a dual side DVD burner OEM for a G4 Tower for $45.

There was open discussion and suggestions regarding what to attend/see at MacWorld: **Boinx Software give-away tools to work with iPhoto and ISight; **a couple of after hours events: Tuesday evening at the Renaissance Park 55 (wear show badge) and Wednesday evening at the Argent Hotel; check out the user group lounge and/or event sponsor booths for details. The speaker’s presentations will not be web casted this year. MacWorld is on the South Side only this year. Enjoy.

Esteban eSteve Zapiain, Asst. Director of Technology, San Leandro USD and a SLMUG member, presented an iListen Test Drive. (Available on Amazon.com for $85 to $140). eSteve said he was going to buy ViaVoice, but it won’t work with Panther or Tiger. iListen comes with headset and microphone. ESteve provided us with a two-page handout with helpful information on iListen and why he needed such a program (was part of the January newsletter).

There are four steps to a quick start. 1) Set your profile (the environment in which you work). 2) Configure the microphone. The training guide spells out the process. Use normal speech. It takes about 15 minutes. Have a glass of water handy as one’s throat gets dry. There are many built-in commands and it is simple to add commands. 3) Enable sticky keys which will allow for one hand typing (open System Preferences; click Universal Access; click Keyboard; choose Sticky Keys ON). Also showed how to enable Mouse Keys (as before, click on Mouse Keys ON) Sticky Keys and Mouse Keys were demonstrated. 4) Do it.

eSteve used his voice to tell the program what to do (program does only what you say (dictation). He demonstrated the making of new commands. The process can be used with any application. You need to tune your profile to the working environment. You could use and be productive with iListen in 15 to 60 minutes. [Be sure and read details on iListen in the two page spread in the newsletter prepared by eSteve]

MacSpeech, maker of iListen, will be at MacWorld.

Wes shared a series of pictures that he modified using Photo Shop … amazing before and after shots. Many pictures with a variety of repairs, adding of smiles, and replacing persons. Great job, Wes!

Ed Matlock reviewed the items on the DOM.

Following the meeting many adjourned to the Board Meeting at Bakers Square.

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