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Minutes 12/4/2014

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Bob opened the meeting at 7:10pm by stating that this will be his last as president of SLMUG. Bill retired from his vice presidency.

He wants everyone in SLMUG to be using Facebook! It’s how he keeps in touch with family and friends, including people who live around the world and who he hasn’t seen in person in years. Bob also uses Facebook combined with the Swarm app to let people know where he is; he showed the group how Mario checked him and others into the high school for tonight’s meeting. The Facebook app for iPad can show whether your friends are online, and you can have a text conversation with the Facebook Messenger companion app. It also displays posts made by anyone you’ve added as a friend on Facebook, and events to which you’ve been invited.

When you make a Facebook account, you can selectively decide what personal information they have access to. Bob suggested sharing your phone number with friends so they can contact you in emergency situations. You can post photos to Facebook either from the app itself or from the Photos app; when you do this, you get to choose who can see the pictures (in case you don’t want to share with everyone).

Bob briefly showed how to use Facebook or the Ancestry app to explore family genealogy. Jenny and Bill will go over the topic in more detail at the January meeting.

The following were elected into new officer roles unanimously:

  • Mario: President
  • Bob: Vice President
  • Ed: Membership/Treasurer
  • Jenny: Secretary

On the topic of posting photos, Jenny showed how to use iCloud Photo Sharing to send photos to friends from a shared event. She demoed sharing photos from her company bowling trip with coworkers. They can join the album and add their own photos to the collection. No more emailing attachments to everyone! Even those without iOS or OS X can view the photos through a browser.

Bill mentioned that MacGen, a Macintosh-focused genealogy group, is meeting next week. More info can be found at macgen.org.

Ed distributed his monthly software DVD, which included the Yosemite 10.10.1 update for easy upgrading, as well as other useful OS X utilities.

The group gave Deborah some wine and a card as thanks for all the help she’s provided to the group over the years.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:25pm, after which some members went to Denny’s for the traditional board meeting.

The next SLMUG meeting will be held January 8th, 2015.

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