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OS X Tips

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At the September 4th meeting, Bill laid out a number of tips for getting the most out of OS X. When applicable, the information includes a link to its online source.

Send items directly from the Finder (OSX 10.7 up)

It’s quite easy to send items directly from Preview…. But, if you are using OS X 10.7 or above you will be able to open a Finder window and then select one or more items in a folder or on your Desktop, then use the Share button from the window’s title bar to send those items. Send via Email, iMessage or AirDrop.

Create Custom Signature on Document in Preview

Launch Preview App, Click Preview Preferences > Signatures. Click +, hold signature in front of camera and click “Accept”. To apply, open a document in Preview, Select Preview Preferences, Signature and click on + and hold a signature up in front of the iSight camera above line and click Accept.

Now, open a document in preview, click on the Edit Toolbar > then click on “Sig” and change line color (if other than black is desired), then click on “Sig” and click on the desired signature. Now click someplace in the PDF document and that signature will be applied.

Read More: http://www.wikihow.com/Create-a-Signature-from-a-Built-in-iSight-in-Mac-OS-X-Lion

Kill Dashboard

It’s been with us for eight whole years and six iterations of OS X, and still Dashboard hangs on. This is what to do if you have no use for it. Open up Terminal and type:

defaults write com.apple.dashboard mcx-disabled -boolean true

followed by Enter. Relaunch the Dock by typing:

killall Dock

and the deed is done.

Read More: http://www.techradar.com/us/news/software/operating-systems/20-os-x-mavericks-tips-and-tricks-1190830

Command Key Shortcuts

CMD H – Hide Current Window
SHIFT OPTION CMD V – Paste with no formatting
SHIFT CMD 4 – Screen snapshots specific area of Screen as a file
Shift CTRL CMD 4 – Screen snapshot specific area to clipboard
Save as PDF “CMD P P”: Apple Menu > System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > App Shortcuts > “+” > Save as PDF, CMD P.

Read More: http://osxdaily.com/2014/08/19/save-as-pdf-keyboard-shortcut-mac-os-x/

Make a Screencast

OS X has a built-in screen recording facility allowing users to capture everything on the display. This is handy for making instructional videos and can even be useful in compliance situations. To record a video open up QuickTime Player and from the file menu, click on “New Screen Recording”. Then choose the audio source such as the internal mic and whether you want to include mouse clicks.

When ready, hit record and make your video. It’s possible to record the whole screen or a selection. Afterwards, you can edit it and upload it to YouTube.

Read more: http://www.itpro.co.uk/desktop-software/21632/mac-os-x-mavericks-14-tips-and-tricks#ixzz3BpJxig7T


Click Finder Icon:

  1. Click Finder, Scroll Down to Tags, Click on
  2. Click Finder, Click View > Sidebar, Click Unhide Tags, Rt Click to Modify Tags
  3. Rt. Click on File & Click tag(s), desired
  4. Add Edit Tag icon to Finder Bar

Read More: http://www.imore.com/how-set-and-start-using-finder-tags-os-x-mavericks

And, from Bob Shayler, how to tag files in iCloud: http://m.imore.com/how-add-finder-tags-file-saved-icloud-os-x-mavericks

Save File Shortcuts to Finder Sidebar

Click Finder; Click View > Sidebar; Click/drag Folder to Sidebar, Do the same for files except use CMD-Click when click/dragging to the sidebar.

MacOSXTips July 5, 2014: http://www.macosxtips.co.uk/

How to Remove Startup Items

Apple Menu > Preferences > Users & Groups > Current User > Login Items


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