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Minutes 2/13/2014

Download PDFBob called the meeting to order.

Mario presented a new version of the SLMUG website. The new version is powered by WordPress and members can write and comment on posts. Users gave their email addresses and were given accounts to log in. The new website will go live tonight!

Marv gave a presentation on Safari. He began with a short history of the Internet, and a general comparison of IPv4 vs IPv6, and webpage creation. Key features of Safari include:

  • Full-screen mode and finger gestures
  • iCloud-synced tabs and bookmarks
  • Reading List (temporary, off-line bookmark synced across iCloud devices)
  • Bookmarks and organizing
  • Developer menu and the Web Inspector
  • Cookies, history and local storage

Ed presented a DVD of the Month, featuring BOINC (an app reminiscent of SETI@Home), and Free Mac Blu-ray Player (which still needs a Blu-ray compatible drive). If you see anything interesting, send it to Ed!

The meeting was dismissed. The “board meeting” commenced at the local Denny’s.

Next meeting: Thursday, March 6th, 7pm-8:30pm.

Think Different Posters - 1

Think Different Posters – 1

Think Different Posters - 2

Think Different Posters – 2

Think Different Posters - 3

Think Different Posters – 3

Board Meeting at Denny's (2/13/2014)

Board Meeting at Denny’s (2/13/2014)


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