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Minutes 3/6/2014

Download PDFDiscussion was centered on the upcoming MacWorld/iWorld 2014. Bob will be attending all three days, most of the rest of the group will go on various single days. We’d like to plan a Saturday lunch meetup for any SLMUG members in attendance. As a group, members all recommended different company booths and products worth checking out:

Visit the MacWorld/iWorld homepage for a complete booth listing and schedule. If you haven’t already registered, expo only passes are still available for a discounted rate through 3/26 at http://macworldiworld.com/register.

Ed presented the March DVD of the Month, featuring security patch updates for recent versions of OS X. If you haven’t already, make sure your Macs are all running updated software!

The evening concluded with a “Board Meeting” at the local Denny’s.

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