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Site Redesign

Hey everyone!

I’ve been working on a brand new site design proposal for SLMUG and was wondering what you thought of it so far. You can find the page at https://www.slmug.org/test if you’d like to take a look!

The redesign brings the following changes:

  • site is now powered by WordPress for a modern look and improved performance and organization
  • optimized for high-resolution displays (it’s been awhile since any of us had an 800×600 resolution monitor)
  • page layout scales for mobile devices (iPhone-friendly!)
  • date and topic of next meeting are displayed prominently at the top of the home page for easy reference
  • all old content (previously grouped under a single archives page) is being converted and transferred to WordPress posts, which will make it easier to find content by date or topic
  • these posts will be readable within the page (the PDF download is also still available at the bottom of the post)
  • topics (e.g. News, Minutes, Reviews) and static pages (e.g. Info, Maps) will all be linked across the top of the site instead of being hidden in subpages
  • posts are now credited to their authors, which will allow us to quickly see everything posted by an individual member
  • all posts have a comments section to allow feedback and communication from other members

It’ll be awhile before I’ve moved all of the old meeting minutes and Apple Bytes newsletters over, but you can see some proof-of-concept posts here:

The site is still a work in progress, so let me know if you have any advice, feedback, or concerns regarding these changes and additions. I’ll also be happy to make you a site account if you’d like to start experimenting with writing posts and comments of your own; just send me (mario@slmug.org) the following:

  • Full name
  • Email address (needs to be a live account currently in use)


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