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Apple Bytes 5/2013

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Agenda for May Main Meeting
09 May 2013 from 1930-2130

The Newsletter is back – Bob – discussion and comments please.

The Website is updated – Bill – discussion and comments please.

Presentation: OS X Automator – Marv Winzenread (thanks Marv)

Apple news – everybody – new stuff, sources, updates, virus checker use, public relations officer, summer meetings

The monthly DVD – Ed – what’s on it and why

Bob’s old iMac again…

The After Party –> Denny’s at I580 and 150th in San Leandro

Apple News

What virus checker do you use? Discussion in meeting. (Norton’s DeepSight blocks our web site.)

Public Relations Officer? SLMUG needs to be better known in our communities. Can we use outlets such as Patch and local newspapers?

Can we have summer meetings? Do we want to do this? If we do, where and when?

How do we get updates to software and hardware? What sources are best and reliable?

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