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Apple Bytes 4/2009

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I have been expecting the next update to Leopard would be out by now. But, alas, it was not to be. Oh well, one can still hope. Apple will not release it until it is ready.

As we wait for time to pass, the long proven historical events of the industry continue. Prices are droping and values continue to climb. Hard Drives to grow in size and while the prices are on the way down too. Ed just purchased a 1.5 terrabyte drive for a bit more than $100.

I keep a pretty close watch on Ram prices and they seem to be on a slight up tick. We shall see.

Stay tuned…
See you at the meeting.


San Leandro MAC User Group Meeting Minutes

Bob Shayler, President, called the meeting to order on Thursday, March 2, 2009 at 7:35 PM.

John shared Nick Nolte’s fire troubles with us. The moral to the story: computer equipment should always be protected using a high quality surge protector or an uninterruptible power source.

Ed moved that we spend $50 toward logic board repair for San Leandro High School . The motion was seconded by Bob and carried unanimously.

Bob discussed Safari 4 Beta features and issues. The application is included in the DOM, courtesy of Ed.

  • The DEFAULTS TO TOP SITE MODE, which show images of favorites sites, is similar to the pull down list of bookmarks but is pictorial. The order and content is editable.
  • Smart url completion fills-in from history & bookmarks to produce site images. Once Safari 4 is installed, it will replace Safari 3. There is an uninstaller available. The “fresh news star” highlights web sites that have changed. You can make a word list rather than images and bookmarks are still available.
  • There appears to be compliance issues Google and Java. Images do not pre-load.
  • If you install Safari 4 and have problems, send a bug report.
  • For reference, check out “Introducing Safari: Under the Hood” at http://www.apple.com/safari/
  • According to David Hill, there may be issues with some secure sites generating warnings. See the QBRIS website for an example.

Ed discussed selections on the March Disk of the Month:

  • 1Password 299: saves and stores passwords used in apps outside of browser
  • Applejack: diagnostic tool
  • Batteryupdate for macbooks(not pros)
  • Burn: new version cd/dvd burner
  • A new version of Cocktail for leopard. Firefox 3.1 – just out
  • gc64ub: a graphics converter, highly recommended by Ed.
  • iclip:lyrics will provide lyrics of a song being played in itunes.
  • iLife support. Install Flash: Ed recommends an immediate installation – most web sites use Flash Player
  • iPhoto updater. iWork has 30 day trial version.
  • Java for mac is a new update.
  • MACFamilyTree: a genealogy application.
  • Magnifique: changes desktop themes in leopard
  • MAChelpmate:similar to cocktail.No other details.
  • Movist: a movie player
  • Perian: patches quicktime so you can play windows formatted movies
  • Picassa: Google’s photo manager
  • RAWcamera update
  • Reunion
  • Safari beta
  • Security Updates
  • Thunderbird beta update
  • xld

The meeting was adjourned at 8:50 PM.
Kathleen Roth SLMUG Secretary


April 2nd meeting features…
Bob is planning an informative demo on using terminal. It is, of course, an in-depth part of of OS X and a very valuable tool. We all can benefit from knowing more about it. Ed will have the monthly DVD for updates and other cool stuff. The “Board meeting” will follow at Denny’s (I-580 & 150th Street in San Leandro).

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